CAT Clutch Revamp

Partnered with Pink Ribbon International and their Think Pink! campaign, a series of pink designs will be released in order to promote breast cancer awareness. The ad will use a play on typography and imagery, starting by announcing that for the month of October everyone should “Think Pink!” This will be followed by a series of quick movements by images of the CAT clutch sporting different pink designs interlaced with the words “Think Pink”, until resolving with the CAT and Pink Ribbon International logos.

30 Second Ad - Style Frames


Instagram Campaign - #ThinkPink

Think Pink: As a part of my Concept 3 class, we were asked to create a campaign for the CAT Clutch in order to make the product more well known and boost sales. Upon reading about Pink Ribbon International's "Think Pink" campaign, I reasoned that a partnership with the organization, where CAT clutch designers create a series of pink designs in order to promote breast cancer awareness, would bring good recognition to the company, while a fun and dynamic design would catch the attention of young female adult demographic. Using "Think Pink" as the slogan and using dynamic type as the driving force of the design, the idea of "think pink" can be ingrained in consumers minds, brining light to the cause and the product.